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Worth visiting

The Wigry National Park

The Park is an area available for various forms of tourism. Therefore, land trails were designated and arranged the length of which is in total 190 km for trekking and cycling tourism. Moreover, some lakes and rivers were designated for water tourism. The trails are open for tourism every day of the year from dawn to twilight. Accessible waters of the WNP can be explored by canoe, rowing boat, sailboat or other water equipment without a combustion engine. The reservoirs available for tourism and fishing are the lakes: Wigry, Pierty, Omułówek, Mulaczysko, Czarne near Bryzgiel, Leszczewek, Postaw and the Czarna Hańcza river, below Wigry.

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The former Camaldolese Monastery in Wigry

The former Camaldolese Monastery in Wigry is situated on the hill on the peninsula surrounded by water of the lake Wigry. It is the most valuable and the most frequently visited monument of the Suwałki Region. The monastery location is unique and looks picturesque among the nature of the Wigry National Park. While sailing it is possible to admire this unique object on each side.

The Wigry Museum in Stary Folwark

In the museum, there is a permanent exhibition that presents the history of Wigry landscape, depths of the lakes, rivers, bogs and the terrestrial ecosystems of the Wigry National Park, human activities and the history and achievements of the former Wigry Hydrobiological Station. The part of the museum is used for seasonal exhibitions.

More information: The Wigry Museum in Stary Folwark

The Maria Konopnicka Museum

The Branch District Museum in Suwałki
T. Kościuszki Street 31, 16-400 Suwałki
phone: +48 87 566 41 33

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The narrow-gauge railway in Płociczno

The narrow-gauge railway is one of the most interesting tourist attractions of the Wigry National Park and the Augustów Primeval Forest. The railway travels from Płociczno to the village Krusznik. The length of the route is 10 km.

The regular railway run from 15 June to 31 August - daily
Start at: 10:00 a.m, 1 p.m and 4 p.m.
Travel time: 2 h 20 min.

During the rest of the year - by telephone request for organised groups.

The bridges in Stańczyki

They are the highest bridges in Poland. The structure is 5-span, its length is 180m and the height is up to 36,5 m.
They are a part of the closed railway line connecting Gołdap with Żytkiejmy. They are located nearby the village Stańczyki in the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship, on north-west of Suwałki.

Currently, the area is a private property (there is an entrance fee).

The Sanctuary in Studzieniczna
The Chapel of Virgin Mary – on the island

It is a historic wooden church with decorations of wild animals antlers which the narrow dike from 1920 leads to. In the chapel, there is the painting of St. Mary of Studzieniczna.
The name of the lake and village comes from the nearby well located next to the Sanctuary of the well which, according to legends, contains “miraculous water that cures illnesses.”

More information:The Sanktuary in Studzieniczna

The Czesław Miłosz manor in Krasnogrud
The International Centre for Dialogue

The revitalised manor complex from 17th century owned by Czesław Miłosz family. From the beginning, Czesław Miłosz assumed the patronage over the initiative of establishing the Centre for Dialogue. The manor in Krasnogrud is situated on the Polish-Lithuanian border, in the close viscinity of Sejny. Its family tradition is related to Miłosz family. The activities of ICD are focused on multicultural heritage of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

More information:The International Centre for Dialoguee

The Augustów Canal

The length of the canal: 101 km, including 82 km within the Polish borders.
The number of locks: 18
The rivers of the canal: Netta (from the spring in the up-river to the lake Necko – Rospuda river), the right tributary of Biebrza river, Czarna Hańcza river– the biggest river of the Wigry National Park.

The Augustów Canal is divided into 2 sections:
- western – from the connection with Biebrza river to the Augustów lock (0,0 – 32,50 km)
- eastern – from the Augustów lock to the Niemnowo lock in Belarus (32,50 – 101,20 km)

The Aqua Park in Druskieninkai, Lithuania

The Aqua Park in Druskieninkai is the leisure, relaxation and rest place with the surface of 30 000 m2 offering water amusements, bowling and rest in 3* and 4* hotels, massages in the SPA centres and sauna area.

More information: The Aqua Park in Druskieninkai

Snow Park w Druskiennikach, Litwa

The sport and leisure centre SNORAS Snow Arena is a well prepared complex of winter attractions in Druskieninkai. In the area with the surface of 8 hectares, there are all attractions for even the most demanding winter enthusiasts. The complex offers snow and ice even during the hottest days.

The Snow Arena has three slopes for beginners and advanced riders:
The indoor slope: the width 50 m, the length – over 460 m.
The beginners slope: the width 70 m, the length – over 150 m.
The outdoor slope: the width 40 m, the length – over 640 m.

The total length of the slopes – over 1100 m;
The height of the slopes – 66 m;
The gradient of the slopes – up to 25%;
The total surface of indoor area covered with snow – 24903 kv. m.

More information: The Snow Park in Druskieninkai