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Sauna and gazebo

We invite you to take a relaxing bath in the sauna.

It is an ideal antidote after a tiring day at work.
We cordially invite you to organize outdoor closed-circle events.

The bania (the type of a sauna) is very interesting place. The conditions in the bania purify the body and soul. The heat opens the pores, removes toxins and makes skin softer. A bath in the sauna is beneficial, especially after a muscular effort (for instance, a cycle trip or jogging) because it relieves from the pain of muscles and joints.
The vapour produced by pouring hot stones with water positively ionizes the air which improves mental and physical rest. The bania is a great way of relaxation and cleansing, as well as, beauty care.

On our premises, there is a recreational gazebo that is ideal for evening parties with friends, as well as, excellent for family ceremonies. It is a great venue for the organisation of picnics and feasts, business trainings, or conferences. Full dining facilities, bar serving beer and drinks, brick barbeque, large space for dancing and feasting ensure excellent climate and atmosphere for each type of ceremonies. We organize grill and bonfire feasts up to 80 people.

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The relaxed organism is the relaxed mind


  • Bania (sauna) the temperature in the bania 80 - 100 °C PLN 120.00 / 2h