Gościniec Pod Strzechą | 16-402 Suwałki | Krzywe 16B | Polska | +48 508 078 066

Your stop in the journey through the Suwałki Region


We invite you to our restaurant, banquet room and living area of the hotel every day of the year. The accommodation is offered in atmosphere and standards which are unmatched by classic hotels.

Gościniec Pod Strzechą is located among picturesque lakes and forests near the Wigry National Park. There is a historic Camaldolese Monastery nearby that is a famous tourist attraction. The cycle path between Suwałki and Gościniec Pod Strzechą, which is a part of the Green Velo Eastern Cycle Path ,leads through beautifully shaped terrains.

Gościniec Pod Strzechą is fully prepared to accommodate even the most demanding guests which are children. We built a safe and friendly playground for them situated in the open air. It is equipped with swings, a small house, slides, a sandbox and a beach volleyball court. Safety, comfort and attractions for a whole family are main advantages of family holidays in Gościniec Pod Strzechą.

We invite you to take advantage of various attractions. We organise: canoeing trips on Czarna Hańcza river and on Latvian and Lithuanian rivers, bike trips, cart and sledge rides.

Gościniec Pod Strzechą invites you to take advantage of the living area of the hotel. There are available: 30 bedrooms, banquet and conference rooms.
Booking can be made by phone: +48 508 078 066

Gościniec Pod Strzechą is located 1 km on east of Suwałki
in the direction of Sejny, Ogrodniki, the State border.
Address: Krzywe 16B, 16-402 Suwałki, Podlaskie Voivodeship, Poland.